Our teame statement

Live our truth.

We are now working on the presentation of our first collection. We are a small team whit different task for this unique project. All of us are professional in some way, and amateur in others.

Our main goal is to stimulate the world transformation. We believe in evolution. As long as that the oceans are filled with pollution, large forest are put on fire and wars are being manifested we believe that human still need to grow and change. We believe we can help into the change if we are truthful and transparent and live our truth and that we bring our hart to the world for benefit us all.

We want the site to merge into the big internet as an energy, a tiny tiny dust in our universe, but still – we are – we exist.

Our team need more people for this work. So please do not hesitate and contact us if you feel that’s right for you and you have some knowledge and time to use with us.

Folow us on twitter and instagram.

The artist statement.