Our project is in the making, and we do that online. Our team need your support and we can benefit an volunteer. please mail us at: team (a) anahata (.) cc

Page for our first collection.

Anahata – heart and art

Anahata is a collection of artworks minted as NFTs of various cryptocurrencies. The inspiration behind the art is the desire to spread the warmth of the heart, simplicity and the joys of life. The purity of the present moment. The joy that all creation, big or small springs out from. The everlasting Here and Now.

The collection of figures from the Anahata gallery are for your heart ( a love letter from my heart to your heart) They are made from my desire and my intention to reach you, reach far and wide, reach out globally and that in every wallet there should be an essence of hope for life.

Just like homeopathic medicine contains only the vibrational memory of the original essence, these works of art will also take their creator’s vision out into the world. What a joy!

The works are characterized by the artist’s intention in their creative joy and by the situation they are created in. Close to lush and seasonal nature where game and domestic animals pass the studio, withdrawn from pollution noise and bustle, in contemplation, lightness and well-being with pets and a healthy amount of house dust, on the side table black coffee and ice cream or some organic herbal tea and fruit. The healing of love and intention for a beautiful life in these images is for everyone to enjoy.

The team consists of helpers who have faith in the good, in the power of the heart, in the creative power and management of life. But none of us have transformed ourselves out of time and gravity. We live with our challenges, our choices, like you.

Different collections on different platforms

Anahata does not have the need to marry one NFT platform or follow any crypto cultism. From the bottom of our motivation, we believe that everyone can be free and that’s enough for everyone. Cardano and its community serves as the right place for ANAHATA NFT to start. We have time end knowledge as our resource, but just can’t afford minting on Ethereum. We also want ANAHATA to be available for the broad masses and not only for the already rich. This is not possible on Ethereum today. Solana, Cardano and Binance are the best options and Cardano the easiest doors to open right now.

Our goal is evolving along with the artist and the team. We believe in letting go of negative behavior patterns and reach out for joy and kindness. We hope you will feel joy when you get your Anahata into your wallet and feel inspired to share that joy to all living beings.